Get To Know Isabella

Isabella recently joined the Tarbox team as Office Concierge where she specializes in assisting the team and clients with her wide-ranging organizational, creative, and problem-solving skills.

Isabella graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies.  She began her career in commercial real estate administration where she gained experience in assisting C-level executives and office management.

Isabella enjoys participating in volunteer opportunities with organizations such as Orange County Registrar of Voters, Susan G. Komen, American Red Cross, and Second Harvest Food Bank.  Most recently, Isabella joined OC Read, a program that offers free assistance in basic reading and writing skills to adult learners.


My favorite age - does it have anything to do with it being the last year as an only child?


Number of times I watched the movie "Matilda" as a kid

Do you collect anything?

I’d like to say I collect books… but then I start thinking about the amount of shoes I own…

- Isabella Gonzalez


Number of letters in my full name

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