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Natalie began at Tarbox in 2016, interning consecutive summers until graduation.  She joined us recently as an Associate Wealth Planner, where she enjoys combining the relationship-building and analytical aspects of working with clients to determine solutions for their financial needs.

As a Summer Associate at Tarbox, Natalie managed the Summer Internship Program and helped develop many of the marketing materials and social media presence in place at the firm today.  While in college, Natalie was actively involved in the finance program, being accepted into programs such as the Aaron Selber, Jr. Course on Distressed Debt Investing and the Burkenroad Reports Equity Research Course.

Natalie graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Management, double majoring in Finance and Marketing, having attended Tulane on a merit scholarship.  She is also a Level I Candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Natalie is actively involved with the Tulane Alumni Association, having served on the Executive Board as a student, and volunteers her time with Laguna Food Pantry, where her mother serves as Executive Director.  Natalie is a Laguna Beach local and Laguna Beach High School alumna.


Countries that she backpacked through while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain while in college


Age of her Golden Retriever, Poppy, who was named after the CA state flower

What would you be doing if you were not in this field?

I’d be an architect. I absolutely love design and am a math-inclined person. There’s also a slew of architects in my family on both sides—my paternal great-grandfather designed Fort Knox, and my maternal grandmother got her second degree while in her sixties to design her own home.

- Natalie Belyea


Area code of New Orleans, which she considers her second home

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