Smart investing is the
centerpiece of what we do...

...but the magic is in how we tie everything else together.

We’re your family’s financial office.  We manage all the details, from customizing your investments to implementing sophisticated estate and tax strategies and everything in between.

We are independent, privately owned, and not beholden to shareholders – we work only for you.

- Laura Tarbox, Founder and CEO

What does this mean to you?

  • Competitive Returns
  • Your Own Team of Expert Implementers
  • Simplicity and Organization
  • Transparency and Objectivity
  • A Clear View of the Whole Picture, 24/7
Finances, handled.

It should come as no surprise that the financial services industry does not generally have your best interests in mind!   The Wall Street scandals of recent years are a direct result of a system that incentivizes bad behavior.    Conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, and unreasonable compensation continue to fuel this system.    But we do things a little differently at Tarbox....

What is it?