Stealth Erosion?

The US Dollar has been the de facto reserve currency for global central banks and international trade markets since the end of World War II.

Tarbox Update

Despite the horrible human and social impact, the wider geopolitical consequences are of course still unknown and may be extreme, but the key risk is that higher commodity prices – and energy ...

Tarbox Q4 2021 “Snackable”

For a year that seemed to run past us so quickly, 2021 still managed to feel more like a marathon than a sprint.   Read on ...

Tarbox Q3 2021 “Snackable”

Compared to the volatility of last year's summer and early fall, this year's third quarter...  Read on ...

Growth vs. Value

Investing in both Growth and Value through a broad market index helps minimize the risk of having to endure high degrees of underperformance.

Tarbox Q2 2021 “Snackable”

U.S. Stocks continued their overall strong performance into the second quarter.  Read on ...

Tarbox Q1 2021 “Snackable”

International and domestic stock markets continue their climb in the first months of 2021.

Wild Ride!

Some facts about the 2020 stock market.

Tarbox Q4 2020 “Snackable”

Let’s just say that 2020 was nothing if not unpredictable, in every way - not least for the U.S. stock market.

Tarbox Q3 2020 “Snackable”

The value of maintaining a diversified portfolio and staying the course continues to be validated by the market.

Tarbox Q2 2020 “Snackable”

While the stock market has staged a record-setting recovery since last quarter-life has certainly not.

Tarbox Q1 2020 “Snackable”

2020 - How much the world has changed since last quarter!