We're dog people.   And, occasionally, cat people.

Because dog (and cat) people are good people.

Joined the family on 4th of July weekend
Weighs less than a laptop
A willful bundle of joy and love
Can jump four times her height
Master of the side-eye (apparently, a dachshund thing)


Laura's Mini Dachshund (grand-dog)

Total wiggle worm
Hasn't met a toy she doesn't like
Loves to play fetch
Always greets you with a kiss


Erin's Shih Tzu

Can be found roaming small villages in the Alentejo, Portugal
Can outrun an e bike
Favors shortbread biscuits
Fell for Mike at first sight


Mike's adopted Mutt

Will find a stick anywhere
Weighs in at 100 pounds...for now...
Can be mistaken for an Oreo Milkshake
Would definitely win the longest legs award
Loves a good staring contest


Natalie's Great Dane

Hates hats!
Doesn't know that he weighs only 12 pounds
Loves to hop around


Kai's Terrier Mix

Loves to give hugs
Can't get enough of a good belly rub
Flying monkey – loves to jump from furniture to furniture
Quintessential lap dog


Erin's Shih Tzu

Loves to play fetch
Sleeps under the bed sheets
Will talk your ear off if you let her…meow
Is a total snuggler!

Lorelai (Lulu)

Brian's Domestic Shorthair

Is lovesick over a Lab named Maggie
Prefers muddy puddle to clean full water bowl
Will not rest until a new toy is ripped to shreds
Could benefit from a good separation-anxiety therapist


Mary's Golden Retriever

Finds unusual and difficult-to-find hiding places!
Wants to be your couch potato pal
Loves to chew on cardboard


Corey's Cat

Takes oral fixation to the next level
Has an amazing back-leg Ninja move
Makes the Energizer bunny look sedate
Has a discriminating palate - NOT


Toby's brother from another mother