We're dog people.

Because dog people are good people.

Admires himself in the mirror
Not as tough as he would like you to think
Really, not a lab!
Hates the water


Laura's German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix

Total wiggle worm
Hasn't met a toy she doesn't like
Loves to play fetch
Always greets you with a kiss


Erin's Shih Tzu

Will herd you if you stray from the pack
Destroys every new toy within an hour
Only speaks Spanish
Named after the Japanese dish, Chicken Katsu


Alfonso's Corgi

Snore is worse than her bite
Sleeps in a princess castle
Likes long naps and short walks
Biggest lap dog


Matt Lucas's Olde English Bulldogge

Loves to give hugs
Can't get enough of a good belly rub
Flying monkey – loves to jump from furniture to furniture
Quintessential lap dog


Erin's Shih Tzu

Doesn’t always bark, but when he does, it’s for no real reason
Drinks his water straight from the Brita filter
Quite the ladies' man at the dog park
Believes he is still a 15-pound puppy


Matt Walker's Bernese Mountain Dog

Is lovesick over a Lab named Maggie
Prefers muddy puddle to clean full water bowl
Will not rest until a new toy is ripped to shreds
Could benefit from a good separation-anxiety therapist


Mary's Golden Retriever

Rolls around in every patch of grass she can find
This picture has won Instagram awards
Unappointed pack leader of the house


Drew's Boston Terrier

Will always be the loudest snorer in the room
Won’t eat the same meal 2 days in a row
Tug of war master


Drew's Boston Terrier

Will never rest while a ball is in sight
Is the baby of the family
Has lost several teeth in the great fetch wars


Drew's Boston Terrier

Guaranteed to steal your socks
Thinks the living room is a racetrack
Deserves a gold medal in high jumping
Thinks that anything that moves is her friend


Matt B's Cattle Dog/Terrier Mix