Get To Know Natalie

Natalie is the Director of Client Services.  Natalie oversees all aspects of clients’ administrative and operational needs.  She proactively coordinates client transactions, including cash contributions and disbursements, new account establishments, and wire requests and money transfers.

Natalie’s fifteen years in real estate operations provided her with insight into developing process improvements, strategic policies, and audit procedures.  She excels at organizing and simplifying everything from onerous paperwork to complex cash disbursements and new technology implementation.

Natalie is a Notary Public and a member of the National Notary Association.


The year of her vintage Volkswagen Beetle


Hours volunteered with Cub Scouts and PTA every year

What’s your earliest memory?

I remember when I was in South Africa and witnessed a lightning storm off in the distance quite far away.    It was amazing to see the lighting touch down so many times for such a long period of time; I’ve never seen anything like it since.

- Natalie Banasiak


Visits to the United Kingdom

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