Who We Are

You may not be able to choose your family, but we handpicked ours.

Is the queen of packing light and lords it over others
Was hugged by Bono and is not over it yet
Once ate nothing but papayas for a whole week
Has a thing for ducks and used to have a pet one

Laura Tarbox, CFP®

Founder and CEO

Worked every station at McDonald's
Wasn’t even cool when he rode a motorcycle in college
Buys a pastry and coffee from Rose's Bakery daily
Refuses to live farther north than Southern California

Mike Nozzarella, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer

Spent time in Africa rehabilitating cheetahs, lions, and tigers
Has the title for most intramural sports championships at Arizona State
Craigslist/OfferUp aficionado
Hiked the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

Matt Walker, CPA, CGMA®

Head of Tax & Family Office Services

Is testing the theory that M&Ms are perfect pre-workout supplement
Still likes to color with crayons
Picked over 15,000 pounds of blueberries in one summer
Wore wooden shoes and danced Klompen every spring in high school

Mary Sigler, CFA

Chief Operating Officer

Retirement goal is lots of land and lots of dogs
90% of his wardrobe is white t-shirts and jeans
Only drives Jeeps
Passionate about Tiki Bars

Alfonso Rodriguez, CFA

Director of Investments

Received a high five from Tim McGraw
Thinks pastel M&M’s taste better than the traditional ones
Hidden talent – professional gift wrapper
Loves to be by the water, not on the water

Erin Itkoe, CPA, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning

Still hangs out with his best friends from Cub Scouts
Plans to live in a different country each year in retirement
Big Harry Potter fan (Slytherin!)
Once took his wife to Taco Bell on a date

Drew Phillips, CFA

Director of Operations

Was part of the "Pink Ladies"
Is a tri-citizen
Loves to organize
Got stung by a bee on her tongue once

Natalie Banasiak

Director of Client Services

Enjoys creating sentimental and thought-provoking haikus
Loves to tell good dad jokes
Has been playing the drums since he was ten
Joined a bowling league in middle school

Trevor Scheid, CFP®

Wealth Planner

Enjoys watching documentaries
Avocado aficionado
Enjoys hiking, has not met a mountain he does not like
Can reach the top shelf in any store

Matt Lucas, CFP, CRPC®

Wealth Planner

Is a big history buff
Played the bass in high school
Loves to tinker with machines
Has an irrational love of watermelon

James Coons, CPA

Tax Advisor

Shareholder of the Green Bay Packers
Cal Poly Male Athlete of the year (2010)
Homebrew beer expert
Owner of a Will Ferrell-signed cowbell

Brian Romag

Operations Specialist

Worked as an HVAC technician for 3 years in high school
Ran a mile in under 5 minutes
Has an irrational love of Del Taco
Was notorious for playing mini-golf in college dorm hallways.

Matt Brower

Associate Wealth Planner

Always saves the day
A man of few words
Everyone’s favorite
A complete mystery to all


Director of IT

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